Torturing Oakley Assault Combat Boots For Two Years Straight!

Oakleyassualtboots23My story starts off in a big chain sporting good store called….(well we won’t mention that.) Anyways I walked around in these stupidly expensive Oakley Combat boots and knew I had to have them. After forking over my hard earned cash and walking out the door, I thought to myself.

Oakleyassualtboots17 “I hope I didn’t just get ripped off with another cool looking piece of junk!”. It’s kinda hard these days to find a good boot that will hold up and be comfortable at the same time. I mean its not like they are made in America or anything… I thought “Time will tell.”

texas143marksmanOakleyBootsSo for the next two years I beat these things to death. I am a tree trimmer by trade, so I am pretty hard on Oakleyassualtboots15everything I touch. Especially my boots. For the first year of their life I lived in them… which means I abused them to the point where I was expecting to have to buy a new pair after a year. Now at two years I just have them broke in good. As you can tell from the pictures they are used and the new has all warn off. But they are still really comfy. Even by my standards.

Oakleyassualtboots21The guy above with the Sniper Rifle is from the 143rd in Afghanistan posing for a well placed propaganda shot in his Oakley Assault combat boots.. I’m not that cool so all you get to see is my feet.

Here are my beautiful feet:

    Notice the seems. Oakley originally had some problems with an earlier model of these. The seem that connects the soul to the upper half of the boot would come apart. the glue just could not handle it alone. So now they sew the top and glue it. Mine have held up pretty good as you can see.Oakleyassualtboots18


Oakleyassualtboots20Oakleyassualtboots2  Oakleyassualtboots3 Oakleyassualtboots4 Oakleyassualtboots5 Oakleyassualtboots7 Oakleyassualtboots8 Oakleyassualtboots9 Oakleyassualtboots10




“These boots are made for walking And that’s just what they’ll do One of these days these boots Are gonna walk all over you” – Lee Hazlewood


Nice song… haha


Oakley claims a lot of neat stuff about there boots… fire resistant.. slash proof…and the vibram souls for puncture resistance… so no stepping on nails, but you could probably get away with it. Walking through fire not a good idea either…but you will have way better chance of not getting burnt than with a pair of nikes. So basically I think I got my monies worth out of them. But as some one once said “your millage may vary”.


This is a neat video of their demonstration of how cool the boots are. I liked it. It gives you the good deal feel for sure. Enjoy.




“Beyond Reason means sometimes you have to take a torch to conventional thinking–literally. Check out the Elite Assault Boot, which takes protection to places it’s never before been.” has this to say about the 8″ assault boots that I have….:


We’ve engineered our share of combat gear for the U.S. military, including boots for the Elite Special Forces. The MK-II ASSAULT BOOT is how defense spending pays dividends.

This footwear is designed for improved comfort in hot environments. We optimized breathability by eliminating the foams that normally add thermal shielding in cold domains, and we kept all the premium innovations you expect from Oakley Assault Boots.

Our MK-II ASSAULT BOOT is jump ready, thanks to an over-the-ankle support shaft and a low profile lacing system that reduces entanglement risk. When you’re on the march in tough territory, you’ll have the comfort and feel of a lightweight design inspired by athletic shoes. The full grain leather is soft and stealthy quiet. Stability is critical when you’re hauling a heavy pack, so we put a lot of R & D into the footprint to give you rock-solid footing for load bearing activities. And we didn’t stop there.

The outsoles have directional lugs and they’re made of a special compound from Vibram® that maximizes traction on wet/dry surfaces over a wide range of terrain. Unrivaled performance comes with improved breathability and a level of comfort you have to experience to believe. That includes prime urethane cushioning and true biomechanical support.

If you’ve never tried on an Oakley design, it’s time to rethink your entire concept of boots. You may not be planning a desert assault or dune skirmish, but if you’re into outdoor exploration in warmer weather, this is the boot for you.

(The MK-II ASSAULT BOOT is also available in a six-inch high version.)

  • Unencumbered full-speed performance of lightweight, athletically inspired design
  • Comfort, support and sound mitigation of full grain leather with soft temper
  • Wet/dry slip resistance on smooth and rough surfaces, optimized by Vibram outsole with directional lug design
  • Shock absorption of prime urethane with cushioning and biomechanical support of anatomical curvature
  • High stability for load bearing applications via engineered outsole footprint
  • Jump-ready design with over-the-ankle boot shaft and low profile lacing system
  • Excellent durability for fast rope maneuvers, optimized by abrasion resistant outsole material
  • Gusseted tongue to prevent entry of debris
  • Height: Eight inches
  • Made in USA
  • Vibram is a registered trademark of Vibram S.p.A of Italy.



This denotes materials and/or structural configurations designed to maintain comfort by reducing the shock of surface impact.


Vibram offers the footwear industry complete molded-rubber solutions. The proprietary formulations achieve a wide variety of performance characteristics.


Durable full-grain leather is enhanced with treatments during the tanning process, giving it properties of water resistance that meet industry standards.


We engineer performance for a full range of environments. Tests that measure the coefficient of friction between the shoe sole and the ground are conducted under both wet and dry conditions.



Special textiles and construction techniques enhance breathability to improve comfort by reducing the buildup of moisture and heat. The resulting micro-environment is less favorable to bacterial growth, so breathability helps reduce odor.



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