The Original Government Sponsored “Ghost Gun”: FP-45 Liberator Pistol!

liberator-pistolA true relic of World War II, the FP-45 is a really neat $2.10 pistol (Maybe $32 today?).  It was designed to be dropped behind enemy lines.  Wait wait wait…

I know what your thinking, “One shot of 45 acp!”  What more could you ask for to put down a NAZI right?

So they were made to put a 45 ACP round in the back of a NAZI soldier’s head.  People living undeenhanced_fp-45_liberator_study_model_1r NAZI rule


needed a gun to drop a NAZI with, and then “Liberate” his gun.  Sounds logical… right?  There were over 1 million of them made in a little over 10 weeks of 24/7 secretive factory work by GE.  One foreman that worked on the project was supposedly even shot and killed with one.  They were supposedly made for the army… But there is a lot of smoke and mirrors around the history and use of FP-45 pistols.  It’s kinda hard to track down who really had them and for what purpose (Well they were meant for killing people, but who exactly?).


Since the government lies to us all the time, we are not really sure about where they all ended up. The oldest lie in the “Smokedsc09434e & Mirror” book is when someone asks where something went…


They say “Well Bob millions of years ago…all those were destroyed—cut up for scrap metal” or, more commonly, “unopened boxes were dumped, by the thousands, into the ocean.” or some baloney like that. But we do know that the OSS (precursor to the CIA) ended up with 450,000 of them.


“Although Liberator production went well, the distribution process was a disaster. Very few of these ever made it into Europe and certainly were never air-dropped in quantity or at all. Gen. MacArthur committed to 50,000 pistols, most of which were shipped to Australia in 1943 for redistribution to occupied islands. This left approximately 450,000 handguns remaining, which the Army no longer wanted, and they ended up in the custody of the newly formed OSS (Office of Strategic Services), which nicknamed this pistol the Liberator or “Woolworth” gun.” – S.P. Fjestad, Author & Publisher, Blue Book of Gun Values

liberator_2_1207_eedSo the FP-45 is a great piece of history and Beautiful relic of World War II (If you can find one, that is).  They were made cheap… They were made with no serial
number.  There is no record of where they went.  They alibinst-2re Ghosts.


The original “Ghost Guns”!  And the government sponsored and paid for them and then put them on the street.  This is a great lesson. The FP-45 Liberator Pistol is really what every Liberty loving, and God fearing person on the planet, needs.  So when their neighbor or loved one needs help fighting off a bad guy, they could do so with extreme prejudice, even when the law says otherwise.




Want to make your own Liberator?  Well its seems it’s easier these days to make one that shoots 12ga.!




All you need is a few cheap things from the hardware store and you can be ready to liberate if


the need to defend Liberty arises.

We are bound by duty and commanded by God to Love our neighbor as ourselves!  Search the Internet for “Black Pipe Shotgun” an3d-print-libd you will come up with lots of help on “how to” do it.

Also don’t mistake the “FP-45 Liberator” for the the really  neat modern version of it, the 3D Printed Liberator Pistol from Cody Wilson (Ghost Gunner Machine) at Defense Distributed that was named after (you guessed it) the FP-45 Liberator.


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