The Get Home Bag

Sooch00 get home bag“The Get Home Bag” Video by Sooch00 on youtube is a great resource for you if you need to revamp your bag, or have no clue that you need one! I learn stuff every time I watch him.

He says “getting home would be of utmost importance after a major disaster. Having what you need for survival without the Fluff is what this bag is all about.”

Here is a few things on Sooch00’s Bag list plus a few.

You are packing a bag to help you get home and that might last for anywhere from one hour to 48 hours. Sooch00 has a Survival Triad”  code. Yellow, Orange and Red are the colors . Yellow for 1-3 hours away from your house. Orange for 3-12 hours from your house. And Red 12-48 hours from your house.

He says to pack your bag in those groups for things you will need for those time periods. Your Bag should be light weight, low profile and Durable. If your bag breaks your whole system falls apart. It would be well worth a few extra dollars to ensure that you have a secure way to carry your gear.

But at the same time a good enough bag might be all you can afford. Plain and simple it is better to have something than nothing. But a good rule of thumb is get the best you can. Sooch00 is real good at breaking things down so you can relate to what he is saying. He calls it “SENSIBLE SURVIVAL”. Next He says to have a good pair of “Boots or Walking Shoes in Vehicle at all times.” A pair of “Keen” or “Merrell” shoes or boots are hard to beat. They make some of the most comfortable hiking shoes I have ever had.

Every Day Carry:

EDC is very important. You should have these things regardless of your Bug Out, or Get Home bag. The day you don’t carry something will be the day you need it, and it might just save your life if you have it. But it has always made my life a lot easier being prepared. Remember “prepare for the worst, hope for the best.”

First thing you should have on you for EDC is a knife. Do you have a knife? Do you carry a knife? You should have one at all times. A good blade is vital to a survival plan in urban areas or in remote wilderness. A knife is your best friend. Start carrying one today.  Second is a Firearm. This is good to have for obvious reasons. Anything that you have can be used for self defense in someway, but none as effective as a firearm. What do I recommend ? Well Sooch00 runs a Glock 26 9mm in his video. I can’t ague with carrying a Glock (G26,G19,G17 all good options).  9mm will be lighter and you can carry more ammo. It has magazine options of 10 , 15 , 17 , or the whopping 33 rounder. So you can see the benefits of using such a gun. A really small package that carries a lot of options. But really any good modern handgun will do.

Next a Flashlight. A good place to start is a Maglite XL50. A cell, and your keys should be a no brainer.

1-3 Hour Walk:

  • Hat, Bandana, Sunscreen
  • Sun Glasses (Safety), Dust Mask (Bandana)
  • Poncho and/or Heavy Mil Trash Bag
  • 1st Aid Kit
  • Knife
  • Flashlight
  • Whistle

3-12 Hour Walk:
Water: Bottle w/ filter
Fire Starter
Field Knife
Map & Compass
Protection (Firearm & Non Lethal)
Paracord or Cordage
Extra Batteries
Cash $20-100
TP Toliet Paper

12-48 hour walk
Sleeping system (Bivvy or Space Blanket)
Food, (Cliff bars, Tuna bags, or SOS survival food are good)
Socks / Gloves
Extra Magazine/Ammo


Sooch00 does a good job of making complex subjects simple and easy to understand. “FUN GUN REVIEWS & SENSIBLE SURVIVAL: Rugged Individualism, Independent Thinking, & Self Reliance.” Is his philosophy. After packing your brain with his years of prepping know how he ends his videos with “Be Strong, Be of Good Courage. God Bless America, Long Live the Republic!”

So I recommend that you watch this video and take notes. Get a pad and paper and write down things that you need to add to your bag today. So without further ado.

The Get Home Bag

“To form a combination for mutual defense against a probable agressor is not only not a crime, but the highest moral duty and virtue.” Winston Churchill quoted from “Blood Sweat and Tears” 1938 speech to Parliament

“I have sworn upon the altar of God, eternal hostility against every form of tyranny over the mind of man.” –Thomas Jefferson, letter to Benjamin Rush, 1800

I’m a Christian Conservative and make no apologies for standing for Good and Standing Against oppression.

Be Strong, Be of Good Courage.

God Bless America, Long Live the Republic!

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