Secrets of The Virginia News Shooter Revealed, Vester Lee Flanagan, & Gun Grabbers!

tourniquet 1

I woke up the day of the shooting and was unplugged for the most part. I was focused on putting together more first aid and trauma kits for my family and updating others. So without knowing that there had been a shooting blasted all over TV and News. I was calling all the medical supply places in the town closest to us (which has several) to see if they carried tourniquets. But guess what? They do not carry tourniquets. I have to order them online. How weird is that? I know it is a field tool, but come on! Anyways that reporter and camera man should have been armed and fought back. Some around them should have been armed to. But everyone should have had a  tourniquet and trauma kit handy. “Life of the flesh is in the blood”, remember? I wonder what those people were thinking about when I was asking if they carried tourniquets? They had obamaguns1-640x339probably already heard about the shooting and probably thought that was why I was concerned about making trauma kits. O well. I hope it made them think though. But you have to realize there are a lot of people not thinking today. tourniquet 2Today friends there are people in our our country to take your freedom away from you. There are people right now ready to make you defenseless. They are guarded themselves with trained men with machine guns. Counter Assault Teams, Body Armour, Helicopters and more! But they want you to be defenseless! Why? Good question… Take a wild guess? This will not stop or just go away. The 2nd amendment, your way to protect your Families Life, Liberty, and Property is under attack. Make no mistake. You are the enemy of the Gun Grabbers. Arms Control is not a new idea. Tyrants down through the Ages have always tried to limit or take away there enemies or slaves weapons. Without Fail always. Anyone who says otherwise is either ignorant or a Viscous Lying Control Freak who wants you and your family to ripped apart raped and murdered. While you are made to be powerless to do anything about it! Crime using Guns are down 50% since 1992! Did you know that?Ausgunban Do you know why? More people carry guns for self protection. More people own guns. But why do the Propaganda Masters, the “news” Vigina shootermake it out like we are less safe now? IS there an Agenda to Brainwash you to give up your Liberty? Maybe…. What if crime was not down? It would not matter. Arms are still required for your families safety. Are you ready for a man like this to crash into your world?  Your Vester Lee Flanagan could show up at anytime?   Watch this video on the Virginia Shooting….  


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