Remington 22lr Golden Ammo Failure! Not Good For Self Defense. Updated

22lr15Well we were doing some tactical plinking today and guess what? We had the worst failure of a 22 long rifle bullet I have ever seen…

The case blew apart inside the chamber. As you can see there is a huge crack all the way down the casing..

It stuck in the chamber and the extractor would not pull it out. I had to use a cleaning rod to knock it out. I was using a Ruger 22/45 MK 322lr7 that otherwise worked great.

I called Remington and after going through a service list & hitting the number for help. I waited for a minute a nice lady asked me what I needed help with and I told her what was wrong. I am on hold as I write this. (This went on for 8 minutes) then another lady came on the line and asked what I needed and I told her about the ammo and now I am on hold again. The Number I called is 1-800-243-9700 . I thought I might give them the lot numbers and stuff to help improve their “Quality Control” and give them a chance to comment. So finally after 39 minutes of being on hold I talked to a really nice lady named Jonsie. She said Remington was concerned about the problem and wanted all the information about the ammo and problem that I could 22lr1give her. Including what gun I was using. And they want the ammo back. I told her I was using a “Ruger 22/45 MK 3”. She then said that was “a good gun, I took my CHL class with a MK 3”.

And well come to think of it I took a CHL class with a Ruger MK 2 back in the day. So I told her I would email her pictures you see here, and the info on the box of ammo. And I did.

Within minutes I got an auto email back with my Support Service Ticket # ****** – Notification.

Telling me “you should receive an initial response shortly.” So we will see what happens…

I also wanted to point out that over the years I have had more trouble from Remington .22lr822lr ammo than any other .22lr ammo. So I jumped at the chance to help them make their ammo better quality. And

22lr ammo at the moment can demand a premium all over the country because its not in the stores. And those that do get a chance to buy it there is a certain percentage of them selling it online for 3 or 4 times what its MSRP is. Kinda sad. But in times like these it would be stupid to waist money on bad ammo. Especially since some people use 22lr for self defense which I don’t necessarily recommend but anything is better than 22lr5nothing. Although I am a firm believer in using what you have in anyway to defend yourself. So 22lr is an option. I know many people who are not comfortable with bigger guns or hefty recoil rely of the 22lr for self defense because its easy to shoot. Many women have a 22lr of some sort on their night stand weather its good or bad that is the case. And this case might make those people reevaluate using bulk 22lr ammo in there bedside Concealed carry guns. 22lr4


But this ammo could have gotten me killed if I had been using it for self defense. Just like Susan M. Gonzalez when she was ill prepared for a home invasion but a ruger 22lr saved their lives.

Jonsie from Remington customer service might be using 22lr for carry? That would bring it home that this kind of failure is not acceptable. It says right on the box “New and Improved!”. I think it needs more improvement.What do you think?

What has been your mileage with Remington 22lr Ammo? What do you think about using 22lr for self defense? Let me and the world know.

Comment below.

UPDATE: Remington sent me three boxes of ammo to replace my half of a box I sent them. I had no failures out of the one box that I shot. Seems as if Remington took care of me… even though they took a few months. Remington did take interest in the problem and wanted as much information from me as I could give them.

Thank you Remington. 22 Long Rifle shooters everywhere should be careful what ammo they trust and use for self defense. Make sure you have shot some of it. TEST, TEST, TEST it. Make sure it works.



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