5.45×39, 5.56, 300 Blackout, & 7.62×39 Penetration Tests: Water Jug, Car Door, Steel Plates, & Cement Blocks! How did they do?

     Everybody and their grandmother these days loves a good video on Testing different calibers penetrating abilities on everything from car doors to watermelons. Me included. So I wanted to share a video I watched on barrier penetration of different calibers in the AR platform. Only one problem with the test… The guy uses different lengths of barrels and different […]

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Video: Joe Biden & Other Dumb Politicians Clearly Know Nothing About Guns or Defense!

 Joe Biden is the 47th Vice President of the United States and a man who wants to keep you from protecting your life, liberty, and property with your “arms” i.e. an AR-15 with even a standard size 30 rd magazine… He also likes long walks on the beach and changeing definitions to words in mid sentence. Example: He said “I don’t view […]

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Rednecks Will Use Anything To Defend Their Families, Even Flares!

  ———————————————– Don’t forget to read the “Safe Gun Handling” section to learn how to be safe with your weapons around your family, friends, & neighbours. We also offer FREE Gun Classifieds ads. Are you looking for or trying to sell a Pistol, Rifle, or shotgun? Trying to find or sell ammo? Looking for a gun friendly classified site? Browse our […]

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