Man Who killed Car Thief In Stolen Car: Charged With Murder In Georgia

There is a 25 year old man named Raheem Scott in Atlanta, GA.  He went to the hospital to see his mother, Debra Bryant who has pancreatic cancer.  (Both he and his mother carry a gun for self defense.)   While on the way he had stopped at a gas station to get some oil.

“Scott left his car running when he went inside the Exxon near The Mall West End” – AJC

While inside he noticed two people stealing his car and quickly went outside.   An unnamed witness,  told Channel 2 he saw the car owner shoot the car thief 5 times.

“I heard five shots and I look back and the girl is screaming don’t shoot him no more!” he said. “She just screaming don’t shoot him no more. Please don’t shoot him no more.” – Unnamed Witness,  told Channel 2

Then Scott called for help.  He asked the store clerk to call 911 which would have let him keep an eye on the would be carjackers.  When the Police arrived he told on himself, and turned himself in.  He was arrested and is now being charged with murder.  Even though cops in Atlanta shoot at car thieves all the time.  Would it have been ok if they had a 3 county car chase first?  What would a cop have done if they found someone breaking into cars?

Why don’t they give him a medal instead ?

Read the rest of the story here:

If it had been the President’s car the thief would have been shot with a Machine Gun!  Why would the President’s car (which we the people own anyway) be protected with any more force than your car, or my car, or Raheem Scott’s car!


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