Maglite XL50 Flashlight: My Torch & It’s 4 Year Journey!

Maglite started off with a great American story…

Anthony Maglica with determination and hard home-hero4-12151work founded Mag Instrument in 1955.  He saved when there was no money to save then he put $125 dollars down payment on a lathe and went to work making the American flashlight.  Sounds great right!



After they had cornered the market for public service and redneck flashlights… they stayed steady making their light that they had made since the beginning… Others leaped ahead with LEDs and small pocket lights.  After several years Maglite got back in the game.  It seems that the XL50 was what turned my eyes back to Maglite. Being an American, and wanting to be able to buy American products, I was sold on trying out the XL50 because it was an American made Maglite and it was affordable.

People who buy and carry flashlights seem to be people who like to see what they are doing, where t20161211_080024hey are walking, who is lurking in the dark.  They also like to know how much money they spend on it.  Times are tough.  They like to have a good reliable flashlight for the money they put into it.   As a flashlight carrier myself, I have had many different types of flashlights over the years.  I carried the old school incandescent light for awhile, but quickly moved onto the LEDs.  Some good and some total junk. I have toted & tested out many, many lights.  It has become a way of life for me to like and carry a flashlight.  I’m not sure what I would do without one now.   It would be hard for me not to carry one.  I would feel naked and extremely vulnerable.  I have even made it a point to give them as gifts to friends and family who need good torches but don’t know what to get.  They are very useful for everyday tasks and most importantly self defense.  I have carried a flashlight for years day and night.  It is like putting on my shoes now.  If I go somewhere, a flashlight goes with me.  I encourage everyone to carry.  I bought a Maglite XL50 online when they came out.  It was bright and did everything I needed it to.  I was also happy that it had a strobe feature that was easy to get to for self defense.  I used it everyday and night.  I have worked nights so I have needed a light a very often.  So a light that took batteries that were easy to find and easy on the pocket book were a huge plus!  The AAA batteries fit the bill.  The Cone of the XL50 put out a great beam.  Mag claims 224 meters (244.969 yards) beam distance… I have not measured it exactly, but It is far.

  • MSRP $45.00
  • Water-Resistant
  • Drop Resistance 1 m
  • Lumens 200 lm
  • Length 4.8 in. 121.92 mm
  • Beam Distance 224 Meters
  • Barrel Diameter 1 in. 25.4 mm
  • Run Time 6 h 45 min
  • Head Diameter 1 in. 25.4 mm
  • Battery 3 AAA
  • Weight With Batteries 3.68 oz. 104 g
  • Special Features Easy to use, Powerful Projecting LED Beam, Push button tail cap switch, Compact, Pocket Size

20161211_080526My brother in-law got one and lost it outside his house… He found it a year later, turned it on and it still worked.  All he had to do was replace the batteries.  I have used it daily for 4 over years.  I have dropped it… as much as I try not to.  All of my lights get dropped. If you use yours, especially while you work, I suspect yours will too.  Mag claims the XL50 is good for a 1 meter (1.09361 yards) drop. Mine was dropped by a moron that I let use it from almost 80 feet from an Oil Rig derrick.  Although it landed in the snow it still worked.  I have used it in negative 60 degrees in North Dakota Oil Field where 2 tough smart phones did not make it.  XL50 still worked.  I have banged it around way too much.  I have stupidly let people use it that did not take care of it.

When I got back to the good old South and thawed out.  It got dropped again.  This time it started to flicker.

I had hit the abuse threshold. editorial-5

I send it back to Maglite with a shipping fee.  They sent it back with a letter saying they had to replace the plastic battery barrel and that it was good again.  Upon reading this I thought that, the plastic barrel could not have been the problem at all, and I was not very happy.  So I put new batteries in it and to my surprise, it worked great!  I guess mag knew what they were doing after all.  I think that the the XL50 is a great bang for your buck.  Good price (current on Amazon is $35 shipped). Even in today’s flooded market of flashlights from all over the world the Maglite XL50 is a great value!  It is a great editorial-2American product that you can afford to buy.

In 1896 the first mass-produced dry cell batteries were gaining ground, and the invention of portable electric lights came soon after that.  Then the flashlight toters of the day could only wish for such a great torch!

“In 1922 there were an estimated 10 million flashlight users in the United States, with annual sales of renewal batteries and flashlights at $20 million” – Wikipedia “Flashlight” Article

Today’s numbers are guaranteed to be astronomically larger!

Anyways, with so many flashlight users around the world the Maglite XL50  has great price point, excellent construction, beam pattern, brightness, and run time.  This light moves Mag into the 21st century.images

Someone on an amazon review said “you can buy somewhat better small LED lights, but if you want one that’s made in the USA, you’ll pay 2 to 3 times as much as what you’ll pay for the Maglite XL 50.  Highly recommended.”

And I agree.

“Mr. Maglica himself, a fervent believer in the importance of manufacturing in the United States, insists that Mag remain a U.S.A. Manufacturer. He has dedicated himself to proving that American products can excel in the global marketplace by using technology to continually improve quality and reduce costs. Over the last two decades, Mr. Maglica’s innovations have enabled Mag Instrument to offer consumers a consistently better value than the competition.” –

 On the a guy named “Mar”posted a neat mod to fix the tail cap from being pushed as easy in his pocket.  (I had this same problem but modified it to the way I carry it)

I found that the tailcap switch is real touchy and can accidentally turn the flashlight on if carried in a pack or pocket.  I found an easy fix for that, a small propane bottle plastic cap, a plastic washer I used to beef up the plastic cap. Perfect fit.  – 

mod1 mod2









Sooch00 way back at the end of 2010 did a review of it that is worth watching…
Sensible Survival Presents: The Mag-Lite XL50 LED Flashlight. Great Tactical design with a push button switch on the tail and a machined Aluminum Body, The XL50 uses 3 AAA Batteries. It will last up to 36 hours on the low setting and 8 hrs and 45 mins on High. Made in America and priced under $30. – Sooch00


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