First Aid – Trauma

Watch this “How To” video on the “Israeli Bandage”. Even if you don’t carry one (which you should). It is one of the most used Combat bandages in the US and around the world. If there is a “Gunfight” that prepared people are involved in this bandage will probably be present. You need to know how to work it. That information could save your life, the lives of your family, or a complete strangers that you might be trying to help.

When seconds count you don’t need to be reading instructions and learning how to dress a wound. Remember the saying “Prepare for the worst, and hope for the best!” ? We need to learn this stuff ahead of time. We need to have good trauma kits on hand. Have you bought one yet? Have you bought one and then set it on a shelf or in a bag and not learned how to use the stuff in it? Shame… Make it a point today to learn how to take care of yourself & family with your trauma kit and if you don’t have one build one.

The Emergency Bandage (aka The Israeli Bandage)

Did this help you? Do you need to get a few of these?

How is your family First Aid training coming?

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