DPMS LR-308 Semi Automatic Precision Rifle 5 Years In This Review!



If you are interested in an AR-10 type rifle then this review by Nutnfancy is required watching. Before you go out and drop anywhere from $1200-$5,000 on a 308 AR-10 type rifle you need some info from someone who has ran them. Learn from their mistakes. Learn from their wisdom from experience on the subject. First thing he says is “Be careful, because most of you guys are not in good enough shape to run a 308”. And you know what? He is dead right. They are heavy and the ammo is heavy. My DPMS 308 is heavy. Remember “Ounces equal pounds and pounds equal pain”.   Nutnfancy says it is “not a main battle rifle for him”. Hes says he will go “5.56, I can carry more rounds and I can upgrade to a heavier bullet if I need to step it out some”.  He continues “Some guys are so detached from the weight realities of upgrading to a 308”!  He says that “some guys want it but its because they just have not gotten out and ran it!” But with all that said He recommends them for a S.A.P.R. (Semi Automatic Precision Rifle ) Role or S.A.S.S. Role (Semi Automatic Sniper System). He claims best bang for your buck, and has better optics mounting options than the MIA! I think I agree with him. Magpul now makes 20 and 25 rounders for this bad boy! The LR-308 seems to be worth looking into guys! Nutnfancy says:dpms Run it wet and use factory loads at 168 grain fits good in mags and flies well.

Published on May 23, 2012


When you need to reach out and touch someone…for less. In this Nutnfancy DPMS LR-308 I bring into play five years of testing and shooting the type for this reference tabletop review. The LR-308 has critics and some of that is deserved as some rifles have had problems (shown, discussed). But in TNP these TAC-20 and Classic Custom models ran sure and accurate, the best value .308 SAPR or Battle Rifle Value I’ve seen to date. Some of that comes from the extensive variety of the guns available (shown); for their value and equipment my 2012 faves are the TAC-20, 3G1, MOE, and in some POUS the AP4 LR-308 models. All feature the same construction as shown with variances of barrel type/length, grips, sights, rails, stocks, and muzzle devices. In the Semi Auto Precision Rifle (SAPR, TNP term) POU, these 20″ test beds rocked, even in 10ºF cold winter conditions. Chambered in 7.62x51mm, the LRs shoot into 1 MOA, sometimes even with cheaper 150 grain ball ammo (shown)! Accuracy in these .308 semi autos remained astonishing throughout the testing phases in TNP. In practical combat style RunNGun courses here, the AR-10 variants impressed all shooters, rolling in with record high scores in the TNP Sledgehammer Drill (see referenced Troy Shoot vid; http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5SYpDU…) Triggers on the value LR-308s are bad and they were replaced with a Wilson Combat TTU (drop in). Other ergos are standard AR-15 just bigger…and heavier…a lot heavier. Upgrading to the .308 will mean increasing your loadout substantially. An empty steel LR-308 mag weighs 8 oz and the ammo is twice as heavy. These guns weigh around 12.5 lbs each with scopes. Firepower vs Mobility: take your pick. In most situations I recommend a 5.56mm or 7.62x39mm chambering in your fighting rifle. It continues to get it done out to about 300 yards for me. Beyond that when WIND and/or obstacle defeating become issues, the SAPR for me comes into play, darn the weight. Some users have complained on reliability, one AP4 had issues perhaps traceable to when its owner changed several key components (another referenced). I can’t promise yours won’t. Reliabilty tip: I recommend not running reloads in the LR-308 if possible; tight chambers have been reported to cause extraction issues. But if the type is to be judged by these two examples then expect good things. The TNP LR-308s stayed 100% even with underpowered and dirty Wolf ammo (shooting into MOA btw). Quality is overall excellent but don’t expect mil-spec at these price points: 6066 T6 receivers (upper extruded), 8620 bolt carrier, 4140 barrels with no chrome lining, and no mpi/shot peening. You will pay around $3000 to get those features in a LaRue OBR, LMT MWS, SR25, Colt SP901, and somewhat less in FN 17S, LWRC REPR, and some others. Other value brands would be Armalite and RRA. But practically speaking you probably won’t know or detect a difference in the realistic rounds counts you’ll push. Reliable, accurate, and worth the money, these value LR-308s defy the tactical elitist in proving a .308 platform is manufactured that seemingly performs beyond its price level.////////////////////Nutnfancy Likability Scale: TAC-20 9 out of 10, MOE 9 out of 10, SASS 5 out of 10, Mk 12 same, REPR 5 out of 10, 3G1 8 out of 10 (value considerations on all) – Nutnfancy 





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