DIY Fatmax Fubar Breaching: Low-cost Low-profile Entry Tool


Have you ever watched a video of a Swat Team or Special Forces team breach a door and clear a building? Did you notice the tools they used? Ever think those might come in handy if “Poopy Hit The Fan” and you found your self fighting your way through a city

or just trying to get back home to your family?


Ever thought of a friend or family member being kid-napped? It happens all the time.

“According to the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children (NCMEC), every year, more than 200,000 children are abducted by family members. An additional 58,000 are taken by nonrelatives with primarily sexual motives. However, only 115 reported abductions represent cases in which strangers abduct and kill children, hold them for ransom, or take them with the intention to keep. ” – source: The FBI – Crimes Against Children Spotlight

It is not a new thing. It does happen all the time. As a person who tries to plan ahead. Would you have the tools to at least attempt a rescue?

Or if you where to drive up on a car wreck in the middle of nowhere, would you have the tools to at least attempt to help get someone out of a crushed car ?



What about tearing down improvised barricades from an Active Shooter? Or can you say Katrina?

“Now you should be asking yourself what kind of circumstance would cause me to need to breach a target? Well broaden your mind a little and consider that you may need to perform a rescue breach in order to gain access to a family member during an emergency such as a fire, structural collapse or imagine being in the middle of an active shooter, or Mumbai style attack along with your children. In that case you need to GET THE HELL OUT!! And last but certainly not least is because knowledge is power so, knowing some basic breaching skills makes you a more powerful warrior. Once you understand the basic principles the application is up to you.” Gabe Suarez “Basic Breaching for the common man”

Well the thought has crossed my mind. The word Breaching is tossed around quite a bit these days. When I hear it I still see a guy with a 12 ga. blowing a bolt from a door (90 degree 90 degree) and a guy with a Halligan Bar.  Its one of those flashy big selling big money words. It implies that it… well it’s black, it’s Tactical, and it blows stuff up. And its for sale.

BREACH, noun

1. The act of breaking; or state of being broken; a rupture; a break; a gap; the space between the severed parts of a solid body parted by violence; as a breach in a garment, or in a wall. –

Well so I watched a video the other day that caught my interest in “The Bar”. It was called “DIY Fatmax Breaching Tool”. I know… I know… I clicked on it. I was pretty impressed with what I saw though. I knew about the Fatmax tape measure and the Fatmax tool bag… But I did not know about the “Fatmax Fubar”  and the Big Boy “Fubar 3 Fat Max Extreme Hammerbar”.  Both seem to be priceless tools for the ahead thinking person or family (and Rednecks).


And they seem to be affordable to. Most breaching tools can cost several hundred dollars.

At this writing the FatMax Fubar can be had on Amazon for under $30 shipped.

And the FatMax Fubar 3 for under $70 shipped. Seems reasonable to me. Several people have modified this little gem into a great breacher you might want to keep it stock. Either way it seems like a good idea. See how this guy turned a stock Fubar into a well made breacher.


DIY Fatmax Breaching Tool


This video is about the Big Brother…

Stanley Fubar 3 Fat Max Extreme Hammerbar – Forced Entry Alternative

This might be an option for carry of the Fubar.

Ice Axe Holster
Provides quick access to an ice axe, with instant on-off capabilities thanks to the quick release buckles top and bottom. Consists of two parts –
bottom loop for head,
top strap to secure the handle to the pack body
$25.00 one each

Also the man who did the video wrote this article. I recommend reading it.

DIY Fatmax Breaching Tool for First Responders, SAR or Zombies


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