5.45×39, 5.56, 300 Blackout, & 7.62×39 Penetration Tests: Water Jug, Car Door, Steel Plates, & Cement Blocks! How did they do?

300blout box     Everybody and their grandmother these days loves a good video on Testing different calibers penetrating abilities on everything from car doors to watermelons. Me included. So I wanted to share a video I watched on barrier penetration of different calibers in the AR platform.5.45x39

Only one problem with the test…

The guy uses different lengths of barrels and different kind of bullets all through the test. Most narrow minded and illogical people will shut the video down right there. One comment of the video from Blissifi3d1 was “Different barrels lengths? Hardly a controlled test.” But I say lets be reasonable and rational and hear

7.62x39 boxthe guy out. I think his tests give a huge lesson in barrier penetration, maybe not for caliber comparison but useful still the same! Be sure and pay close attention to what happens to the water jug behind the 556boxtarget in every test. The best part is when he shoots 1/4″ steel plate and you can see what each gun did with there respective barrel lengths.

The guy went to a lot of trouble to collect this information and share it with other brilliant rednecks (like myself) around the world! So take some time and watch it.

The Calibers in question are the 5.45×39, the 5.56, the 300 Blackout,  and the 7.62×39 cartridges.

Even some shooting with suppressors which is always!

The man says “Got what we expected for the most part. But did have a few surprises along the way.”

And that is pretty much it. So watch and learn.

Published on Oct 4, 2012 
Wanted to do some penetration tests with some of the different calibers for the AR15 Platform. 5.45×39 5.56 300 Blackout and 7.62×39. Ran them through a series of tests including a 3gal water jug, wood blocks, car door, cement blocks and steel plates. Got what we expected for the most part. But did have a few surprises along the way.
NOTE: After you watch the video you click on the caliber links in the article to read about each of the cartridges used in the test on Wikipedia.
Heres Is Part 2 The UPDATE:
300 Blackout VS 762×39



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